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Treating Depression

Depression, feeling depressed, feeling low, suicidal, negative, manic depression Depression is often a very misquoted word within the medical profession and many many people are diagnosed every day with suffering from ‘depression’

Whilst there are forms of depression, that do require medical assistance, quite often a person merely feels at a low ebb in general, sad, lonely, stressed and hopeless and these feelings can cause a person to be labelled as depressed. These feelings can, in turn cause a person to feel anxious, which in turn exacerbate the feelings of depression….and so the cycle continues………..

Anxiety and Depression

It is very common for anxiety and depression to work together, each maintaining and increasing the effects of the other, until it is very confusing in the mind of the sufferer, which came first.

Those suffering with anxiety will often tend to avoid situations which may increase their anxiety and
this avoidance can frustrate the individual, thus leading to depression. This is also true of someone suffering from depression….they will often avoid similar situations which can increase the anxious feelings within them.

Analysis utilising hypnotherapy ( hypnoanalysis) is an effective way to break this cycle of depression with anxiety. Please call for your free telephone consultation at either our Wirral, Chester or Liverpool clinic to see how we can help you permanently overcome your feelings of depression.

overcoming depression
Sam Said - "Dear Sam
I am writing you this letter with such gratitude. I had lived with depression for a number of years and had tried almost everything. When I came to see you, I really was at rock bottom. Your approach was quite simply wonderful. I understood the therapy immediately, no fancy words or phrases. I couldn’t believe it only took me 8 sessions, after what seemed like a lifetime of misery. Not any more. I have since got a new job and things are going great. So thank you Sam."* See Disclaimer
Mike – Wirral

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