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Stop Smoking Easily with Hypnosis

Stop Smoking Wirral Chester give up quit cigarettes hypnosis hypnotherapy Smoking Aversion in Wirral/Liverpool/Warrington & Chester. Rest assured helping smokers to give up smoking is one of the easiest things we do...easy because hypnotherapy has been proven (by New Scientist magazine) to be THE most successful way of stopping smoking.* See Disclaimer

As professional hypnotherapists working from Chester/Liverpool & the Wirral We have helped hundreds of smokers to give up smoking in just one single session.

Perhaps you have tried to stop before? Maybe this is a last resort and you don't know what else to do?

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Why you may have failed before

How it is so easy to quit now

Read what Andy from Chester says about Stopping Smoking with Sam....

Andy Said - "I had tried literally everything to give up smoking. Sam was recommended to me by a colleague at work. I thought I would give it a go. Wow !! A month has passed and not a single craving. I am a non smoker after one single session and very proud of myself. Sams approach was a very unique experience for me….."* See Disclaimer
Andy ? Chester

Giving Up Smoking

Smoking Aversion Wirral/Liverpool/Warrington & Chester Hypnotherapy

If you are truly committed to giving up you will find the session will motivate and empower you to break the habit of smoking.

Smoking is all about stress and reward. You have a hard day at smoke and feel better....your partner nags smoke and feel better.....your boss shouts at smoke and feel get stuck in smoke and feel better.

So you give up smoking and ditch the cigarettes for the fourth year running with willpower/patches/gum because you think you're life is going to be wonderful without it, but then you don't see any immediate benefits......your work is still hard.......your partner still nags you.........your boss is still the same, and NOW you haven't got anything to relax you and reduce your stress!

When smokers try and stop smoking using their own willpower or patches or gum, they are simply giving up the ONE thing that reduces their stress or anxiety...for LITTLE or NO reward for doing so! It's like having an expensive wedding ring (something that is valuable; it means a lot to you)....and just GIVING it away. That doesn't make sense does it? People would think you were mad for doing that.
And yet that's what happens when smokers try and stop using the above methods...

It's no wonder that you feel tense, stroppy, angry and irritable!

Most people that I see have already tried to quit smoking with other methods, and they are looking for something radically different.

Hypnosis is well proven and very powerful. Combining hypnosis, visualisation, hypnotherapy and psychology, I believe stopping smoking is EASY........What if you could stop smoking...and feel REALLY proud of yourself? What if I could put suggestions in your mind so that you feel FITTER, CALMER, MORE RELAXED, MORE POSITIVE? That in all of the situations where you used to feel tense you now just feel completely AT EASE with yourself?

It would be easy to stop smoking wouldn't it!

The Session

Smoking Aversion at Wirral/Liverpool/Warrington and Chester Hypnotherapy Practice

Tom Said - "I really can't believe that I haven't craved a cigarette after seeing Sam three weeks ago. I walked away a non smoker as have my wife and my brother since. I can't believe I am able to stand with other smokers and still feel a real sense of pride at not wanting to smoke. It really is a great feeling."* See Disclaimer
Tom - Manchester

If you live in Chester or Wirral or surrounding areas, and want to stop smoking. Look no further.

In this ACTION-packed session you will learn...

  • Why smoking is a FANTASTIC habit to have (no joke!)
  • Why willpower is directly related to incentive or reward
  • Why you believe stopping smoking is difficult (it isn't)
  • Why you have failed in the past, and how to put it RIGHT this time.
  • How visualisation will keep you energised and POSITIVE
  • How to easily using your own mind overcome Cognitive Dissonance (the feeling that something is not quite right)
  • How to feel PROUD that you are a non-smoker
  • That hypnosis is a WONDERFUL DEEPLY RELAXED STATE - that anybody can achieve, including you!!
  • How hypnotic techniques can SUPERCHARGE your calmness and confidence

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