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Client Testimonials

testimonials.jpg Genuine testimonials and extracts from letters and emails that we have received over the years.

All testimonials have been reproduced with kind permission.

Some names or surnames have been withheld due to client confidentiality.

Smoking Testimonials

Cathy Said - "Well ,what can I say. Thank you so much, I haven’t touched a single cigarette after my session with you and I feel fantastic. I knew that I wanted to give up smoking but I was scared I would miss it. I can honestly say that I have absolutely no desire to ever smoke again. Brilliant."* See Disclaimer
Cathy – North Wales
J Lynn Said - "I had smoked every day for 20 years and gave up in one single session with you. I feel great. The session was very relaxing and an all round pleasant experience. Thank you."* See Disclaimer
J Lynne – Wirral
Tom Said - "I really can’t believe that I haven’t craved a cigarette after seeing you three weeks ago. I walked away a non smoker as have my wife and my brother since. I can’t believe I am able to stand in a smoky pub and still feel a real sense of pride at not wanting to smoke. It really is a great feeling."* See Disclaimer
Tom – Manchester
Andy Said - "I had tried literally everything to give up smoking. You were recommended to me by a colleague at work. I thought I would give it a go. Wow !! A month has passed and not a single craving. I am a non smoker after one single session and very proud of myself. Your approach was a very unique experience for me….."* See Disclaimer
Andy - Chester

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Analytical Therapy Testimonials

Mike Said - "I am writing you this letter with such gratitude. I had lived with depression for a number of years and had tried almost everything. When I came to see you, I really was at rock bottom. Your approach was quite simply wonderful. I understood the therapy immediately, no fancy words or phrases. I couldn’t believe it only took me 8 sessions, after what seemed like a lifetime of misery. Not any more. I have since got a new job and things are going great. So thank you."* See Disclaimer
Mike – Wirral
Dawn Said - "Thank you so much for all your help. I really didn’t believe that I could feel this good after feeling so bad for such a long time. I am now able to enjoy life so much more without feeling anxious at all. I haven’t suffered a panic attack once since completing therapy with you and I feel so much more relaxed around people. My family have noticed a big difference too. I feel on top of the world."* See Disclaimer
Dawn – Chester
Rob Said - "…….I immediately felt comfortable with your approach. I know I am not the easiest person in the world to deal with and before I came to see you at the consultation, I had half made up my mind that I couldn’t be treated, as I had tried numerous things to rid me of these feelings. I really didn’t know what to expect, but after the consultation, I came away feeling that there was light at the end of the tunnel. You kept me motivated and I saw it through and I can’t believe the change in me……..thank you so much."* See Disclaimer
Rob – Cheshire ( obsessional thoughts)

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Analytical Therapy Testimonials

Our Customer Said - "I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that I am feeling fantastic. I was so nervous before my wedding, I really didn’t think I could get up and speak in front of all those people. After my session with you , I felt so confident and relaxed about my forthcoming speech. In fact – they couldn’t shut me up !! You really put me at ease.
Many many thanks"* See Disclaimer
Susan Said - "…….I must admit I was very apprehensive about whether hypnotherapy could help me to lose weight. My friend recommended you to me as she had been to see you for two sessions and has since lost a stone. After my session. I came away feeling motivated and enthusiastic. I haven’t wanted to eat between meals and I find that I am nowhere near as hungry as I used to be. I’m feeling great. …"* See Disclaimer
Susan – North Wales

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Other Testimonials

An email from Sir John Deanes College, Northwich, Cheshire:
R Howitt Said - "I would like to than you for taking the time to visit us and talk about hypnotherapy and its place in sports enhancement. My students were very impressed and found the whole experience very informative. They, and myself included particularly found the practical demonstration an extremely relaxing and motivational experience. Many of my students reported feeling much more focused on their training.

I also found it wonderful that you, yourself regularly practice self hypnosis as part of your own sports training programme and the effects it has had on you own endurance stamina. It really does prove the ‘ mind over matter ‘ debate within this profession.
I hope that you will come and visit us again soon.* See Disclaimer

Mr R Howitt – Senior coach and Lecturer – sports and leisure department
May 16th 2005