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Lose Weight with Hypnosis

Lose weight with Wirral Hypnotherapy hypnosis help to slim help for weight loss better body shed pounds feel better hypnotise to stop eating chocolate snacks cakes Most research shows that the quickest and healthiest way to lose weight is to simply follow a calorie-controlled diet, and to exercise more. However as a short and long term solution for weight loss it is hard to stick to these methods on your own. What if you have no motivation to exercise? What if you have bad eating habits that need addressing - before you can actually see a difference?

This is where hypnosis and hypnotherapy, combined with a healthier lifestyle, can make a DRAMATIC difference to your ability to lose weight.

How It Works

Weight Loss with Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

Many people have bad eating habits such as eating chocolate or cakes or snacks. Some people comfort eat in times of need, or when they are feeling stressed or under pressure. So for successful weight loss it is vital to address any mental, habitual and emotional issues as well as sticking to a diet and exercising more.

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy have been well proven to combat stress, aid relaxation and reduce tension, which will all have an affect on your eating habits. If you feel less stressed, you will be far less likely to turn to food in those times of need.

Also over a course of one or more sessions, positive hypnotic suggestions can be used to beat cravings, boost your willpower, motivate you and empower you to stick to your goals. Visualisation is also a powerful tool and many techniques and tips will be taught as part of your therapy.

The hypnotic suggestions help to give you the motivation, energy and willpower you may need to lose weight, and feel better about yourself.

People have commented after the weight loss hypnosis sessions that they feel happier, calmer, far more content, more relaxed and more positive than they have felt in years, and more determined than ever to achieve their goals.* See Disclaimer

We also do a course of weightloss sessions which include the Gastric-Hypno Band an ongoing weight-loss can be monitored with a monthly half hour session if you require such

Eating disorders
Should there be a compulsion to eat in an unhealthy and undesirable way, or where there is a combination of other problems such as depression, anxiety, over-eating, binging, or bulimia, then a course of hypno-analysis would be a far better solution to resolving the anxiety behind these symptoms.